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Very rare Apple "Flik the Ant" Think Different poster - autographed by 12 different Pixar animators.

This poster came our way from a gentleman at Pixar right around the time that "Finding Nemo" was released.

At the time (2003) we were offing the "iMacAquariums" and Pixar was interesting in having one in their studios. So we traded an iMacAquarium for this very rare autographed Apple Think Different poster.

This is a truly one of a kind piece that you will not find anywhere else. The signatures are very unique and in thick silver ink (click on the images to see the extraordinary detail in each signature)

The poster is currently in a large preservation frame with UV protected glass. It can be shipped with or without the frame. Please feel free to write for more info about this rare item.

Rare "Flik the Ant" Think Different Poster - Signed by Pixar Animators