Apple TV Ads

Welcome to our new Apple Ads Section! We've added some of our favorite Apple Ads for your viewing pleasure! Please note that, as some of these files are very large, a high speed internet connection is recommended.


The famous Think Different commercial, featuring Einstein, Ghandi, Amelia Earhart, etc. Probably one of the most influential commercials of 1998, won several awards. (10 Megabytes)

The first Macintosh commercial, winner of many awards, and generally acknowledged to be the best commercial of all time. (2.4 megabytes)

The follow up to 1984, this commercial was to promote the new "Macintosh Office". Like 1984, this commercial aired only once, then was shelved. This one's a bit hard to find, take a look if you've never seen it. (6 megabytes)


Apple's 1995 response to Windows 95. A clever commercial, with a nice "Get a Macintosh" line at the end. (1.1 megabytes)

Apple 1999 Superbowl ad touting the Macintosh's immunity to the Y2K bug. Y2K may have been a bust, but the ad's still pretty cool. (596 kilobytes)

1999 Apple ad touting the easy opening door on the blue and white G3. Very minimalist, but effective. (612 kilobytes)

1999 Apple ad touting the "Supercomputer" status of the G4. Cool, follows closely in the tradition of "Openminded". (3.2 megabytes)

Watch the

Late 1999 Apple ad featuring the Airport Base Station as a UFO. One of our favorites, arouses a lot of curiosity! (1.3 megabytes)


1999 ad showing the five flavors of iMac. You've probably seen this one on tv, as it was in pretty heavy rotation for a while (sorry for the pun!) (840 kilobytes)

Hello to

Very mellow ad featuring two "dancing" iBooks. Makes you want touch one! (1.9 megabytes)

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